Chesterton, St Andrew’s

2020: rebuild of 2-manual instrument, with new direct action modular windchests, 37 stops.

The organ is situated in a chamber on the north side of the church with arches facing into the chancel and north aisle. The original Bryceson organ in St. Andrew’s believed to date from 1860 was repositioned to its current location c.1900 by Hill & Son. Having received three further rebuilds, including tonal changes, by HNB in 1939,1961 and 1980 the instrument had lost its identity and with so many additions and alterations had become somewhat disjointed and tonally lacking clarity.

Various schemes had been put forward for a further rebuild in 2018, however, having played our recent rebuild at St Mark’s, Newnham the church decided to accept our scheme for a completely new organ, on direct electric action, using the best of the original pipes along with additional vintage ranks from our stock. The new specification was drawn up by their consultant Paul Hale. The new mobile, detached terraced console replaces the old HNB console.

Great pipes, split into two modules – Chorus (far) & Cornet

The whole chamber was re-ordered, to improve tonal egress and access for tuning and maintenance. The Great pipes were re-distributed to open up the north aisle archway thus allowing the enlarged Swell organ, housed in a new 50mm thick box, to speak out clearly. The original large horizontal swell shutter front was retained, but rotated through 90 degrees allowing the swell to speak both into the north aisle and chancel. The chancel arch was originally blanked off by a wall of 16ft Geigen Diapason pipes, which have now been repositioned. A marvellous new oak screen, with altar frontal cupboard below, has replaced the exposed Geigen pipes. The relocated Great Trumpet now sits behind this and sings out clearly into chancel and nave.

The organ was finished in time for Christmas 2020 and was heard for the first time during the wonderful virtual carol service streamed on YouTube.

Organ booklet

This booklet about the organ is written by Paul Hale.

Open Diapason 8
Geigen Diapason (B) 8
Stopped Diapason* 8
Principal 4
Flute* 4
Nazard* 2 2/3
Fifteenth 2
Piccolo* 2
Tierce* 1 3/5
Mixture 19.22.26
Trumpet (C) 8
Swell Hautboy (E) 8
Swell to Great
* (Denotes stops within Great Cornet on Swell)
Lieblich Bourdon (D) 16
Open Diapason 8
Lieblich Gedacht (D) 8
Echo Gamba 8
Voix Celeste (t.c.) 8
Principal 4
Fifteenth 2
Mixture 15.19.22
Bassoon (E) 16
Cornopean 8
Hautboy (E) 8
Vox Humana 8
Great Trumpet (C) 8
Great Cornet on Swell
Unison Off
Sub Octave
Harmonic Bass (A/D) 32
Geigen Diapason (B) 16
Sub Bass (A) 16
Lieblich Bourdon (D) 16
Geigen Principal (B) 8
Bass Flute (A) 8
Fifteenth (B) 4
Mixture (B) 19.22
Trombone (C) 16
Bassoon (E) 16
Trumpet (C) 8
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Great & Pedal Combinations Coupled
Generals on Swell Toe Pistons
6 thumb pistons to Great
6 thumb pistons to Swell
6 general thumb pistons
Reversible thumb pistons for Swell to Great, Swell to Pedal & Great to Pedal
1 setter thumb piston
1 general cancel thumb piston
Stepper advance & retard pistons
6 toe pistons to Pedal
6 toe pistons to Swell
Reversible toe pistons for Swell to Great, Great to Pedal
Stepper advance & retard toe pistons
Swell bass pipes during construction
Pedal Bourdon & Trombone bass during construction