Calverton, St Wilfrid’s

Mobile console; organ on platform above new vestry

2012: a five-rank two-manual and pedal direct electric modular organ, 19 stops.

St Wilfrid’s originally housed a 5-stop, one-manual Brindley & Foster organ of 1880. The church was in need of a vestry but still wanted to retain a pipe organ. We were able to offer them the ideal solution to suit their limited budget. Within the existing organ chamber footprint a 19-stop 5-rank extension organ has been installed on a new mezzanine floor, and a vestry/office has been created underneath. The whole instrument is enclosed in a swell box with shutters facing north and west.

A redundant Walker 4-rank extension organ was purchased and this pipework formed the basis of the instrument, together with a new Trumpet stop (a gift, donated by guests for the wedding of Mr & Mrs Geoff Nield, Geoff being project manager and organist).

Jonathan Wallace (centre), Paul Johnson (right) with Paul Hale after Paul’s opening recital

The organ now sings out into the body of the church, and with the re-ordering of the church, the mobile console can be positioned as required for all events. Inclusion of MIDI on the organ allowed Geoff to record 3 months’ worth of music, hymns etc. so he still played for the services whilst away on his honeymoon.

Open Diapason (A) 8
Stopped Diapason (B) 8
Salicional (C) 8
Principal (A) 4
Twelfth (C) 2 2/3
Fifteenth (D) 2
Trumpet (E) 8
Great suboctave
Swell to Great
Lieblich Gedackt (B) 8
Salicional (C) 8
Principal (D) 4
Stopped Flute (B) 4
Nazard (B) 2 2/3
Piccolo (B) 2
Mixture (C) 15.19.22
Trumpet (E) 8
Swell octave
Swell unison off
Swell suboctave
Sub Bass (B) 16
Principal (A) 8
Bass Flute (B) 8
Trumpet (E) 8
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Great & Ped Combs
Ranks on unit chests
Unit A – Diapason
Unit B – Flute
Unit C – Salicional
Unit D – Principal
Unit E – Trumpet
Some pipes in the swell box