Our services

Rebuilds and new organs

Much of our work now involves rebuilding, modernising or building new organs on electric action. Church buildings are having to change, often to survive, and, in many churches, worship has moved from the traditional chancel altar to a more open, central nave position. The need for toilet and kitchen facilities is more common and often the pipe organ chamber is the only place where such services can be located. This used to mean that the pipe organ was replaced with a smaller electronic instrument.

This is no longer the case. Our new modular direct electric design greatly reduces the area required so that the organ can be placed on a mezzanine floor/platform, allowing a new room to be created underneath. The provision of a detached console places the organist in better contact with the choir and congregation, and, of course, modern processor systems allow the organ to be recorded and playback itself. This proves very useful for the smaller church where an organist can be hard to find.


As well as modern work, we pride ourselves on our restoration and historic work. Not every organ should be upgraded; it is important to maintain our heritage, preserve and continue the skills and craft of previous generations. The use of traditional techniques, materials, glues etc. is essential in this process, and keeping an account of the work carried out by means of photographic records will continue to uphold these standards for generations to come.

Tuning and maintenance

Tuning and maintenance is an important area of organ building, and we are pleased to have service contracts for over 270 organs, covering 16 counties. Many of these instruments have been in our care for over 50 years. We offer the same quality service to every customer whether a cathedral or a small village church.


We are always happy to quote for, and give our professional advice on, rebuilding, restoring, reconfiguring or replacing an existing organ. If you would like to talk about a future project, please contact us.