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Portfolio of installations

St Wilfrid’s, Kelham (2018)
1 manual  8 stops

St Wilfrid’s, Kelham

This one-manual and pedal Cousans ‘Plainsong organ’ was previously in Lincoln Theological College. The Temple Moore case has been fully restored by art conservator Michelle Pepper, and the painted gold display pipes have been stripped back to their original zinc finish. The organ speaks beautifully into its new surroundings, with the only tonal alteration being the re-casting of the Mixture. The whole organ is enclosed in a Swell box.


Open Diapason 8
Rohr Flute 8
Principal 4
Flute 4
Twelfth 2⅔
Fifteenth 2
Mixture 19.22


Pedal Bourdon 16
Melodic Bass 16

Manual to Pedal

Other installations

Potters Bar, St Mary the Virgin (2020)
installation and refurbishment of the Lewis/Walker organ from St Alkmund’s church, Derby
Clarborough, St John’s (2019)
installation of a new 6-rank extension organ
Kelham, St Wilfrid’s (2018)
one-manual Cousans ’Plainsong’ organ, with Temple Moore case, formerly at Lincoln Theological College
Maidenhead, St Mary’s (2018)
3 manuals with pipework by J W Walker and Rushworth & Dreaper
Grindleford, St Helen’s (2017)
Billesdon, St John the Baptist (2016)
installation of a Binns two-manual 7-rank extension organ
Hognaston, St Bartholomew’s (2015)
Alvaston, English Martyrs Catholic Church (2013)
installation of a one-manual Nigel Church tracker organ
Pitchcombe, St John the Baptist (2009)
installation of a restored one-manual six-stop 1840 James Corp instrument
Marshchapel, St Mary’s (2008)
Rolleston, Holy Trinity (2008)
Screveton, St Wilfred’s (2008)
Sneinton, St Stephen’s (2005)
Stapleford, St John’s (2005)
Shelford, St Peter and St Paul (2004)
installation of a two-manual August Gern instrument
Dowsby, St Andrew’s (2001)
Lincoln, St Hugh’s (2001)
Swadlincote, St Peter’s (2001)
Monken Hadley, St Mary’s (1992)
Owmby-by-Spital, St Peter’s (1991)