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Portfolio of rebuilds

St Andrew’s, Shifnal (2020)
2 manuals  30 stops

St Andrew’s, Shifnal

The organ was originally built in 1811 by GP England on mechanical action. The fine Mahogany case and ten ranks of pipes survive today. A major rebuild of 1893 was undertaken by Abbott & Smith of Leeds. To all intents and purposes the instrument is now an A&S organ.

In the rebuild of 1973, by Hawkins of Walsall, the instrument was reduced in size from three manuals to two, the action was converted to electro-pneumatic, and the specification was amended to introduce the Tierce and Larigot.

During our latest 2020 rebuild we have replaced the sluggish Swell and Great electro-pneumatic actions with direct pallet magnets (Heuss). A new processor system has been fitted and new drawstop and slider solenoids have replaced the mechanical drawstop action, providing a comprehensive multi-channel piston action.

The case was cleaned and restored.


Open Diapason8
Stopped Diapason8
Geigen Principal4
Full Mixture

Swell to Great


Open Diapason8
Stopped Diapason8
Voix Celeste8
Sharp Mixture

Unison Off
Sub Octave


Open Bass16
Violon Cello8
Bass Flute8
Octave Flute4

Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Great & Pedal Combinations Coupled
Generals on Swell Toe Pistons


6 thumb pistons to Great
6 thumb pistons to Swell
6 general thumb pistons
1 reversible thumb piston for Great to Pedal
1 reversible thumb piston for Swell to Pedal
1 reversible thumb piston for Swell to Great
1 setter thumb piston
1 general cancel thumb piston
6 toe pistons to Pedal
6 toe pistons to Swell
1 reversible toe piston for Great to Pedal

Other rebuilds

Little Coates, St Michael’s (2021)
rebuild of a two-manual Rushworth & Dreaper organ
Olton, Solihull, St Margaret’s (2021)
Rebuild and re-ordering of the three-manual instrument
Chesterton, St Andrew’s (2020)
rebuild of 2-manual instrument, with new direct action modular windchests
Shifnal, St Andrew’s (2020)
rebuild of a 2-manual England/Abbott & Smith organ
Melton Mowbray, St Mary’s (2018)
complete rebuild and re-ordering of the 3-manual Hill/Walker organ, including addition of pedal 32ft Contra Trombone and a 5-rank Great Cornet
Hartshill, Holy Trinity (2016)
Mansfield, St Mark’s (2014)
electrification of the 2-manual Brindley & Foster organ, including a new winding system and re-ordering to improve tonal egress
Southwell, Minster Song Room (2014)
Thurgarton, St Peter’s (2014)
Waltham, All Saints (2012)
rebuild and re-ordering of the two-manual 1905 Brindley & Foster organ on new direct electric modular soundboards
Wollaton, St Leonard’s (2012)
rebuild and enlargement of 2-manual Willis organ to 3 manuals
Ashbourne, St Oswald’s (2011)
rebuild of the 3-manual Hill organ, including an additional nave organ and tonal improvements
Carrington, St John the Evangelist (2009)
rebuild and relocation, from chancel to west end gallery, of the 2-manual Yates organ
Quorn, St Bartholomew’s United Church (2007)
rebuild of the 2-manual Taylor organ with organ chamber re-ordering to improve tonal egress
Bulwell, St Mary’s (2006)
rebuild and enlargement of a 2-manual Forster & Andrews organ to 3 manuals
Blackwell, St Werbergh’s (2004)
Deeping St James, Priory Church (2003)
Heath, All Saints (2003)
New Mills, St George’s (2003)
Brampton, St Thomas (2002)
Mapperley, St Jude’s (2002)
Thurgarton, St Peter’s (2002)
Stoney Middleton, St Martin’s (2001)
Mapperley, Mapperley Methodist Church (2000)
Alfreton, St Martin’s (1999)
Brimington, St Michael’s (1999)
Gedling, All Hallows (1999)
Arnold, Church of The Good Shepherd (1998)
Nottingham, Bramcote Crematorium Chapel (1998)
Sheffield, St Aidan’s (1997)
Tideswell, Tideswell Methodist Church (1997)
Riddings, St James (1996)
Chesterfield, Rose Hill United Reformed Church (1995)
Hathersage, St Michael’s (1995)
Arkley, St Peter’s (1994)
Frognal, St Andrew’s (1993)
Willingham, St Helen’s (1993)
Wellingore, All Saints (1992)