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Portfolio of restorations

All Saints, Winterton (2016)
2 manuals  16 stops

All Saints, Winterton

The whole organ was removed whilst major building work in the church was undertaken. The instrument was thoroughly restored, including all soundboards, bellows and mechanical action. The pneumatic pedal action was fully overhauled and the plastic tubing replaced with traditional lead. The console was in a poor state, so new oak jambs and a music desk were installed.


Open Diapason viii
Rohr Flute viii
Viol Di Gamba viii
Salicional viii
Principal iv
Flute iv
Fifteenth ii

Swell to Great


Open Diapason viii
Lieblich Gedact viii
Principal iv
Principal iv
Horn viii
Oboe viii


Lieblich Bourdon xvi
Bass Flute viii

Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal

Other restorations

Rochester, St Margaret’s (2021)
Restoration of the fine two-manual Forster & Andrews organ of 1888
Cound, St Peter’s (2020)
Part restoration of the two-manual organ, including new case panels
Leicester, Bishop Street Methodist Church (2017)
restoration of the three-manual Hill Norman & Beard organ and historic case
Winterton, All Saints (2016)
restoration of the two-manual tracker and pneumatic pedal instrument (Nicholson of Lincoln) following major restoration works to the church
Averham, St Michael’s (2015)
restoration of the fine two-manual Binns patent pneumatic action organ
Tissington, St Mary’s (2014)
Broughton, St Mary’s (2012)
Holme Pierrepont, St Edmund’s (2011)
North Wingfield, St Lawrence’s (2010)
Fenny Bentley, St Edmund’s (2008)
Coalville, Christ Church (2007)
Grimsby, St Mary’s (2007)
Widmerpool, St Peter’s (2005)
Matlock Bank, All Saints (2004)
Barton-in-Fabis, St George’s (2001)
Church Gresley, St George’s (1999)
Bradwell, St Barnabas (1998)
Underwood, St Michael’s (1998)
Wellow, St Swithun’s (1997)
Badgeworth, Holy Trinity (1994)
Old Bolingbroke, St Peter’s (1994)
Glentham, Methodist Chapel (1993)