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Portfolio of new organs

All Saints, Wingerworth (2006)
3 manuals  28 stops

In 1755, a three-manual organ by Johann Snetzler was installed in St Paul’s, Pinstone Street, Sheffield at a cost of £313. In 1810 pedals were added by J Lincoln; in 1871 the organ was completely rebuilt by Brindley and Foster. In 1939, following the closure of St Paul’s in 1936, the organ was installed in the newly built church of St Paul’s, Arbourthorne, by Cedric Arnold of Thaxted, Essex. In 1975 St Paul’s Arbourthorne in its turn closed.

Becoming too small for the congregation, All Saints Wingerworth was extended in 1964. The architect of the extension included an organ chamber in his design in preparation for when an organ would be installed. Following the closure of St Paul’s Arbourthorne the organ was installed in All Saints; the original case by Snetzler (enlarged at Arbourthorne ) was also installed and found to fit the opening left by the architect with an ⅛ of an inch to spare.

In 1998 a detailed report on the state of the organ was commissioned. It showed that the case was original Snetzler and that 300 pipes were also by Snetzler — although spread throughout the organ and at incorrect pitches. In the summer of 2006 the old organ was dismantled by Henry Groves and Son, the Snetzler pipes restored, creating a Great organ with the same specification as the original Snetzler (except for the Tuba) and now on the original wind pressure of 2⅞ inches


Open Diapason 8
Stopped Diapason 8
Principal 4
Twelfth 2⅔
Fifteenth 2
Sesquialtra (bass)
Cornet (treble)
Tuba 8

Swell to Great
Choir to Great


Violin Diapason 8
Lieblich Gedackt 8
Salicional 8
Gemshorn 4
Fifteenth 2
Mixture 19.22
Trumpet 8

Swell octave
Swell unison off


Stopped Diapason 8
Principal 4
Flute 4
Nazard 2⅔
Fifteenth 2
Piccolo 2
Larigot 1⅓


Bourdon 16
Lieblich Bourdon 16
Principal 8
Bass Flute 8
Choral Bass 4
Trombone 16

Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal

Other new organs

Barcheston, St Martin’s (2019)
installation of a new 2-manual 12-rank organ
Newnham, St Mark’s (2015)
reconfiguration and enlargement of the 2-manual organ
Calverton, St Wilfrid’s (2012)
a five-rank two-manual and pedal direct electric modular organ
Balderton, St Giles (2010)
two-manual and pedal, 17-rank direct electric modular organ, sited on a mezzanine floor, with new low level terraced console
Selston, St Helen’s (2010)
Halam, St Michael’s (2009)
new 7-rank extension organ, utilising some old pipework
Mansfield Woodhouse, St Edmund’s (2008)
rebuild and repositioning of two-manual and pedal Willis organ, with mobile detached console, using the original case
Wingerworth, All Saints (2006)
Linby, St Michael’s (2005)
new instrument, using much previous pipework, in new divided case
Risley, All Saints (2005)
Smalley, St John’s (2004)
Melbourne, United Reformed Church (2002)
Darley Abbey, St Matthew’s (2000)
Whitwell, St Lawrence’s (2000)
Epperstone, Holy Cross (1999)
Calow, St Peter’s (1998)
Smalley, Baptist Church (1997)
Cleethorpes, Corpus Christi (1996)
Criccieth, New Jerusalem Chapel (1996)
Marlpool, Church of the Sacred Heart (1994)
church closed in 2004