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Henry Groves & Son Ltd

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Work in progress

Brimington, St Michael’s
Rebuild and upgrading of Lloyd organ following terminal damage from mains surge. ~ scheduled for 2022
Lower Broughton, Church of The Ascension
Installation of a new three manual organ on our direct- electric action modules, incorporating vintage Nicholson pipework together with a new HP (12") Tuba from Booths of Leeds. New low-level terraced detached mobile console built by Renatus of Bideford. ~ scheduled for 2022
Alveston, St James’
Rebuild & enlarging a two manual Nicholson organ on a new mezzanine floor. New direct-electric action throughout, with detached mobile console. ~ scheduled for 2022

We are always happy to quote for, and give our professional advice on, new projects where rebuilding, restoring, reconfiguring or replacing an existing organ may be thought to be necessary. For more information

please contact us